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     About Our Group
Carolina IT Professionals Group is dedicated to giving back to our community through action programs and projects which raise awareness and enhance the lives of our children, senior adults, and needy people.

Over the years of our existence we have given people, time, and materials to many worthy endeavors. In 2003 CITPG gave $4,000 of software to the Uptown Men's Shelter; in 2004 we gave $2,000,000 in Windows Server software and licenses to the schools of North and South Carolina; in 2005, we donated $40,000 to Kids First, Speedway Children’s Charities and other charitable organizations that help children in need; and in 2006, we raised thousands of dollars in donations for childrens charities and donated over 40 tons of food and clothing to the shelters, food banks and the homeless.

Those who come to the Carolina IT meetings get to see presentations by such internationally recognized gurus as Jeff Middleton who was our speaker at our December 12, 2006, meeting. His presentation was titled "Eye of Katrina: Lessons Learned for IT Pros". Lee Benjamin, "The Exchange Guy", known as one of the foremost authorities on Exchange Server in the world, Mark Minasi, renownedfor his books and articles in such publications ans Windows IT Pro magazine and many other top level industry experts.

Addionaliy, we often have some of Microsoft's best presenters such as John Baker, of Microsoft who, presented "Implementing Security for Wireless Networks" in August, 2006; in March, 2005, we had a presentation about 64-bit Architecture by Shon Hauck, a Support Escalation Engineer with Microsoft.

Whether our presenters come from New Orleans, Boston, California or Charlotte, our purpose is to keep our members informed, educated, and supported. Come check us out!!
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