Membership Agreement  

CITPG Membership Agreement
Over the course of time, the Carolina Information Technology Professionals Group (CITPG) may give away software to its Members (who fulfil certain eligibility requirements) that has certain restrictive requirements, such as Not For Resale (NFR) restrictions.

Such software is a gift to the Group from one or more sponsors of CITPG and the CITPG honors its commitment to the giving sponsor to take appropriate steps to inform the Membership of the restriction on resale of such software. Additionally, the CITPG endeavors to use whatever means necessary to insure that the commitment is met by its Members.

NFR software means that it may not be sold or offered for sale by the recipient either directly or through any agent or third party. Violation of this restriction will result in immediate loss of Membership in the CITPG and may carry severe criminal and/or civil penalties as well.

As a recipient of the software, you are honor bound to observe and preserve this commitment and agree that you will not sell, offer for sale either directly or through any third parties the software referred to above. While you may give the software to another party, you remain the owner of record and as such, are responsible for insuring that restrictions of the Not For Resale rules continue to be observed.

As a CITPG Member, you also may have your photo taken at meetings or other events in connection with Carolina IT. You hereby offer the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publishing of any such photos for any CITPG purpose; and in any manner or medium without restriction; and to copyright the same. You release the photographer and CITPG from all claims and liability related to said photographs.

As a Member of the CITPG, you certify that you agree to all of the conditions contained in this document.. If you are not in agreement, please do not join the group. If you have already joined, contact the webmaster and request to be removed from the membership. If you have received any NFR software in the past and will not agree to the terms of this agreement, you will be required to return it immediately.

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