Meeting Information

Meeting Information

Meeting Name: Paula Guilfoyle
Meeting Date: 12/10/2018
Meeting Times: 05:30pm-8:30pm
Location: Microsoft Campus
Meeting Description:  
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Time: 5:30pm
Title: Creating Opportunity During Uncertainty – 3 Steps to Career Success
Presenter: Paula Guilfoyle
Technology: Leadership and Communication
Room: Mt. Kilimanjaro Room

“Creating Opportunity During Uncertainty – 3 Steps to Career Success.”


Did you ever wonder what the shortcuts to getting that next promotion or job might be? Do you know how to change your thinking, energy and actions to contribute to your success now and in the future? Paula Guilfoyle of Claim Leadership will give you the 3 simple steps that when applied to any situation or circumstance will provide an effective way to work through the problem, get the right answer and get your work done effectively. In short, you will be positive, focused and  productive – happier and peaceful.


Note: this presentation is very highly rated


Paula Guilfoyle, the Founder and President of Claim Leadership, is a nationally recognized Keynote Speaker and Educator. She works with IT teams to improve productivity, morale, culture and retention. Her proprietary GAP Formula is being applied and proven effective at Coca-Cola Charlotte, Lowe’s, Microsoft, and Accenture among others to create teams that are more positive, focused and productive. People report feeling better at work, getting more done and being happier and more connected at home.

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