Meeting Information

Meeting Information

Meeting Name: The Next Gen of Cyber Sec. Pros
Meeting Date: 8/20/2018
Meeting Times: 05:30pm-8:30pm
Location: Microsoft Campus
Meeting Description:  

 An Innovative Approach for Preparing the Next Generation of Cyber Security Professionals

Time: 5:30pm
Title: An Innovative Approach for Preparing the Next Generation of Cyber Security Professionals
Presenter: Dr. Ronald J. Kantor
Technology: Security
Room: Redwood Rm

The goal of the Cybersecurity Workforce Alliance, incollaboration with iQ4, is to economically accelerate, scale and sustain thedevelopment of an ever-increasing supply of workforce ready, cybersecurity and riskprofessionals.  To that end, the Insider Threat educational initiativewas designed to complement and enhance the Graduate Recruitment Process by fasttracking the next generation of cybersecurity hires to achieve greater speed tocompetency and preparedness when entering the workforce. 


This session will provide background info on the CWA and thehistory of iQ4’s efforts to support this rapidly growing program, as well assome findings from a recent evaluation study Dr. Kantor conducted working with theInsider Threat’s Director of Program Development Robert Hamilton.  One of the more interesting aspects of  this program is how technology is being usedto bring working Cybersecurity professionals and IT leaders into the classroomas mentors and advisors.  ITprofessionals can participate from their job sites.  These interactions raise the stakes oftraditional classroom instruction and, from the perspective of the students, andincreases the value of classroom learning by making it more meaningful andrelevant.  

The Insider Threatprogram is rapidly growing, and has already been implemented at University ofWashington, NYU,  John Jay College forCriminal Justice, New Albany University, and other CUNY and SUNY institutions.

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