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The Carolina IT Professionals Group is committed to the advancement of information technology and to provide education, support, and knowledge relative to the needs, concerns, and issues of information technology professionals in today's rapidly changing technology environment. Further, we are dedicated to giving back to our community through action programs and projects which raise awareness and enhance the lives of our children, senior adults, and needy citizens.

     Meetings & Announcements

Posted: 11/09/2018

Hi All,
   While we have shifted part of our focus to due to it's popularity, this website is still functional.  Everyone will still receive messages from here, but are also welcome to visit CITPG at as well.   Please only register at one location.  We are considering updating or completely moving to Meetup for various reasons.  Please feel free to contact us with any thoughts.  We are not going anywhere for now.

Meetings Director
Posted: 01/09/2018


CITPG is still running strong!

(However: to be honest... We have been experiencing EMAIL ISSUES.)

Please: if you are a member and have not been receiving emails.

(Last one sent 1/9/2018)

Let us know here:  Meetings Director

Add the subject: "Meeting Announcements not Received"

Be sure to add your email address and name as well.

Thank you.    

(As an alternative: You can also sign up at to ensure you are receiving the latest information on meetings.)

(One last mention... the meeting attendance counts do not include members who registered at or walk ins.)
Job Opportunity Information Needed
Posted: 06/25/2014


We are Serious about connecting our members seeking employment opportunities with work.  Know of an opportunity?  

Please Provide us with the information, preferably in this format:

Job Title:

Salary Range:
Job Start Date:
Job Duration (fulltime, part-time, etc.):
Job Location:
Job Qualifications:

Job Description:

Contact's Name:
Contact's Company:
Contact Company's Address:
Contact Company's URL:
Contact's Phone #:
Contact's Fax #:
Contact's Email:  (REQUIRED)
Expiration Date 

Follow the link to Job Opportunities and paste it all into the message box.  The box is expandable to see more.(rest assured it will fit.)

Please provide as much of the above information as you can: at least the descriptions and contact information.


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